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SINCE 2006


Serving your technology needs for more than two decades in the U.A.E

We are leading global IT service  Providers  and consultants offering end to end IT solutions with unique blend of technology and innovation,  and insight to emerging  business needs  and cutting edge technologies.

AL HIBA has a deep expertise in providing high value business centric solutions and services around  enterprise infrastructure set ups, telecommunications, security solutions, turnkey solutions and more.

Al Hiba’s robust and exclusive development and enhance model ensures high quality delivery with the  time  frame  at reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction. And, this makes  us the highly desirable  IT solutions providers  across the  Middle East


Al Hiba aims at legitimized quick-fix accomplishment of our projects in a digital mural, at a point where speed is pivotal. We are your enduring haul collaborators who work with you, speak the genuine & devout, and authentically understand your brand and your target audience. Al Hiba potentially aid forward-thinking brands to refurbish their businesses using advanced manifesto & technologies.

We understand that conventional branding models have been permanently changed, digital encounters are presently the categorical & ultimate key touch point for an enterprise brand. Our objective is to optimize business challenges through IT world. We tack on strategic perspectives, inspiration and technology to productively coordinate our clients into the lives of consumers.

Al Hiba comprises a dedicated team which focuses on our client’s needs to deliver effective results at each milestone. Using a step-by-step approach ensures that attention is given to each aspect of the project for a successful outcome.

Timing is everything. Meeting individual milestones ensures that we are able to streamline the project and deliver the end result at the most opportune time in our client’s schedule.


Know About us all


We work for a common purpose with a shared vision and a collaborative model.


We deeply care about our staff, customers, and the eco-system in which we are in.


We are committed to fulfil the promise given, by focusing and ensuring value delivery.


We operate with full transparency in all aspects of our relationships.


We encourage learning and development to offer innovative ICT Solutions.

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